Two Weekends, Two Birthdays

Mum celebrated her birthday on Friday the 11th. Rudy celebrated his birthday today :)

There are times I do miss doing all sorts of planning for birthdays or any other events.

Yet, there are times, I'm tired of doing the planning all the time.

My next trip to Belgium, I'm barely planning it :D Regardless, ideas anyone?

When it rains

It pours.

Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga.

Shit happens. There will be times when many bad things happen at the same time. I may very well lost 'my love' yesterday, and as sad as I am about it, I somehow feel blessed in some ways. It feels like there's some sort of blessing in disguise, but I do not know it yet. I do wonder how I can feel rather optimistic like that while being pessimistic about the way things happened at the same time.

I am sad. But I tell myself, things can't really get any worse than they are, right? If it does, so what.. :P Shit happens.

At least, there's definitely good things to look forward to soon :)

Make it stop!

Was looking through baby-themed lolcats when I found an old favourite which I believe I've not posted here yet :D

funny pictures of cats with captions
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