I'm not a total newbie, but I'm not intermediate either

That's my level of mandarin. I still want to master that language some day. But my problem is, I want to master so many things. So my limited days per week is often filled with a variety of stuff. It used to be sailing, and due to the sport being rather demanding in terms of time, effort and commitment, I've pretty much stopped sailing and went on to do other things.

Now, I rekindled my old love for dance back from the schooldays when mum enrolled me for traditional dance. Now I don't mean to imply that dancing doesn't take time, effort and commitment. It does, and a lot of hard work must be invested if you wanna go far. But the plus point for dancing, is that I don't have to travel all the way to Klang each free day and stay there from morning to evening. (plus, paying Penchala Link toll is much cheaper than NKVE to Klang ;D )

So after a year of doing street jam at Talent Hub, I picked up contemporary at the same studio to see how far I can go with the technical parts of dancing. While I still miss doing ballroom and latin stuff from unidays, doing contemporary is so fulfilling. I'm far from doing splits or kicks, but that's the challenge doing contemporary is giving me, and there's like a goal I wanna reach.

But it wasn't enough, I wanted to do more. I wanted something related to performance, so I picked up Broadway Dancing from Broadway Academy. We just finished doing Saturday Night Fever, and despite the slow start, I'm loving how the end result is.

Now that's three dance classes per week. That's about RM330 per month. And I wanna continue to pick up mandarin. It would certainly be a waste to have learned so much mandarin back in uni and sometime in KL if I don't practice or master it. Given the environment, it's definitely not easy, perhaps because I don't socialise that much anyway, haha. Definitely a long trip to China to immerse in the culture and language is suuuper ideal. As for now.. I'll have to see if my monthly budget would allow me to retake classes. Problem is, I can't start as a beginner, nor can I join an intermediate class. One-to-one would be ideal, but it's suuuuper pricey (obviously). So having a class that is flexible enough to work around my schedule.. is a task on its own. Haih~~

Anyone wanna sponsor me? :D

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