So here's another day turning younger

I came home after a long day while it's my birthday. Dad was sitting on the couch, having biscuits for dinner. After some small talk, I mentioned that my boss told me I should've taken the day off as it was my birthday, and my dad was like OH! (Yes, he forgot, but it's not surprising :P ) I then added that I've turned 27 (WTF!).

*a brief pause*

"It has been 27 years already??" exclaims Dad. xD


Initially I planned to take today and tomorrow off, but decided to take it last week instead. Since there's a cluster of public holidays within this three weeks, taking that two days gave me a 7 day weekend :) Besides, my lil bro was flying off on the 4th, so I thought it would be nice to spend some extra time with him.

So yes, I was at work. It's fine, as I felt I managed to get a lot of things done today.

And I had Broadway Dance Class :) So there was definitely something to look forward too. The pace is now not too fast, not too slow either, and seeing the piece come together is very exciting!

Here's a promotional video for the class:

Birthday well spent. ^^

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